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Bio46 is a healthy lifestyle company committed to delivering the best solutions for improving your everyday wellness. Our focus is not on those who spend hours at the gym weekly, or those who routinely transition from one diet fad to the next, but rather the individual who is busy and trying to balance healthy habits with the demands of work, family and everything else that occupies our days!

Our Goal!

Whether the goal is losing weight, gaining energy, sharpening mental focus, building muscle or a variety of other health-related initiatives, Bio46 is always seeking to serve up revolutionary new tips and supplements that can lead to personal improvement. We look past superficial trends and fads, digging deep to pinpoint the latest innovations and advancements that are supported by legitimate scientific research.

Healthy body plus healthy mind equals happy you.

That equation is at the forefront of everything we do!



Our Products


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CogniFocus is a groundbreaking new product that many people are discovering and loving. With its potent and totally safe blend of high-quality ingredients, this brain supplement can help you find that focus fix that you need while also boosting your energy level and improving your memory. Best of all, it accomplishes all of these things without a lot of the side effects that you’ve come to expect from focus pills and energy products. Jitters, headaches and shakiness don’t need to be associated with supplements intended to help you get through your days more easily.


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